I just finished reading Shadow Souls AGAINNN

My favorite parts:

       ”But we both enjoy worship, she replied telepathically, and felt his laughter on her lips as he admitted the truth of it. There was nothing sweeter in her life these days than Damon’s kisses. She could drift like this forever, forgetting the outside world”.


       ”It’s all right,” Damon said softly. “Go ahead and cry. We’ve got a situation on our hands. Something in his voice frightened Elena. Not in the half-joyful way she’d been fearful a minute ago, but entirely frightened. It’s because he’s afraid, she thought suddenly in wonderment. She had seen Damon angry, wistful, cold, mocking, seductive—even subdued, ashamed—but she had never seen him afraid of anything. She could hardly get her mind around the concept. Damon…frightened…for her”.


And then Damon bowed over her hand. “There is more to the waltz than just moving your feet,” he said, not looking up at her. “There is a swaying grace that can be put into the movements, a leaping flame of joy and oneness—with the music, with a partner. Those are not matters of expertise. Thank you very much for giving me the pleasure.” Elena laughed because she wanted to cry. She never wanted to stop dancing. She wanted to tango with Damon—a real tango, the kind you were supposed to have to get married after.

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